Club Credit
Nov 21, 2022

Earn back 25% for your club with every order!

This year we are turning Black Friday Green in conjunction with the #ChampionGreen initiative for small local business. Instead of offering deals and discounts on our products, we will give a 25% credit back to your club for every order placed until Monday 28th November.

How does it work?

The process is very simple and works as follows:
1. In-Store Orders
If you are shopping in-store this coming week then just mention your club name at the point of sale and we will make a note on your account.

2. Online Orders
If you are shopping online you can add a 'special instruction to seller' when viewing your shopping cart. Simply add your club name in the notes and complete your checkout as normal.

- Enter your club name
  or initials in the special
  instructions to seller
  when shopping online

How does a club claim their credit?

On Tuesday the 29th we will tally all of the sales over the previous week that have club tags attached to them. We will then contact the committee in each club to let them know what credit amount is available. What it is spent on will be up to you guys!

It’s time to be honest!

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  • Nov 21, 2022
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