Bespoke Coaching

Whitewater Skills

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Struggling to nail that tricky break out or need a little help with your s-moves?

Our bespoke white water skills sessions are all about guiding you through your chosen topic from start to finish. These sessions are ideal if you are struggling with a certain skill or just want to brush up on your technique before an assesment.

Our guides are all experienced white water kayakers who will help you to get the best from your skills.

We primarily use the river Liffey as a training ground as we find it provides the perfect conditions for repeatable exercises.


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Do name like the Tricky-Wu, Phonics Monkey and Space Godzilla leave you completely bewildered?

Our freestyle sessions are designed to take you from your first ends right through to a rodeo superstar levels. We work with a group of expert coaches to make your you always have the best tuition available.

We run our sessions on the river directly behind the Canoe Centre where there is plenty of slow moving water to lock down the basics before moving on to the mighty 'Parmhole' to put your newfound skills through their paces.

Freestyle sessions are typically run for groups of four. One on one coaching is available. Call the office for further details.


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Forward Stroke Clinic

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What is the perfect forward stroke?

Whether your an adventure racer, planning a long distance trip or even fancy trying your hand at some marathon kayaking. Almost every kayaker can benefit from a forward stroke clinic.

Improving your forward stroke is one of the quickest ways to see a noticeable improvement in your paddling skills. A powerful and efficient stroke will allow you to make harder moves while conserving energy

Our forward stroke clinics break down the paddle stroke into each component part before analysing how you can get the best out of every action. We use video analysis to review your technique throughout the session.

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River Rolling

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Unlocking the black art that is the eskimo role.

So you finally managed to complete an eskimo role in the pool this winter but the river is a whole other shooting gallery. Our river rolling sessions are designed to give you a bomb proof combat role.

We use a combination of video analysis and in river coaching to help you cement your technique.

Our rolling sessions are carried out on a one to one basis and are generally run through the summer, late spring and early Autumn months.


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