Equipment Rentals

It’s up to you. Paddle a stable, recreational kayak or try a SUP for more challenge. No experience is required, and you can include children as young as 12. Kayaks, SUP boards and gear is included. Trips start at our base in Mill Lane, Palmerstown.

River Liffey Kayak Hire

Rent an easy-to-paddle recreational kayak from us for your very own river trip. With our without a guide it’s great for both exercise and exploring, our stable sit-on-top river kayaks enable paddlers to create their own river experience: the boats’ combination of speed and maneuverability helps paddlers ferry across the river, cover long distances and even paddle upstream.

Kayak rentals include kayak, paddle, personal flotation device (PFD) and small dry-bag.

River Liffey SUP Hire Surf the Liffey!

Walk on water with Canoe Centre’s stand-up-paddleboard rentals. The SUP’s combined versatility and simplicity—basically a surfboard with a paddle—make it ideal for any number of river adventures: an intense water workout, a unique yoga retreat, or a relaxing journey. Great for Liffey River veterans, the paddleboard provides a new challenge and a new river trip, requiring balance and precise paddling.

Rental includes stand-up-paddleboard, paddle, personal flotation device (PFD) and small dry bag.
Rentals must be booked & paid for 48hrs in advance of the session

Important Information

Take note that we can not take children under 8 years old, that 16 years and under must be accompanied by an adult and that we can only accept CREDIT CARDS as security against the hire.

We also offer a large range of specialist kayaks, sit-on-tops and other equipment for off site hire, please contact us directly for rates and product availability.


  Half Day Full Day

Stand Up Paddleboard

€30 €35

Single Sit on Top

€30 €35

Double Sit on Top

€40 €45

White Water Kayak

€40 €45
Rentals must be booked & paid for 48hrs in advance of the session

Conditions of Hire

  1. The hirer confirms that he/she can competently swim a minimum of 25 metres unaided and that he/she will wear a PFD at all times.
  2. The hirer confirms that he/she does not suffer from any medical condition, or that he/she is not taking any medication/drugs, that could affect their ability to partake in the paddling activity.
  3. The hirer agrees to only use the subject of hire and equipment in the manner described by Canoe Centre and to use them on the River Liffey between our base at Mill Lane, Palmerstown and the Wren’s Nest Weir in the Strawberry Beds.
  4. The hirer acknowledges and agrees that the equipment is in good condition in all aspects, and undertakes not to misuse it and to return it with all accessories in the similar condition as when received.
  5. The hirer will immediately notify Canoe Centre in the event of any loss of the equipment.
  6. The hirer shall cover Canoe Centre in respect of all cost, claims, expenses and demands which it may suffer or incur, and which arise directly or indirectly out of the use of the equipment during the period of hire.
  7. The hirer acknowledges that by taking advantage of Canoe Centre offer on the use of their boats and equipment, whether on a hire bases, and you cause damage to said boats and equipment, whether by your negligence, deliberate or accidental actions that by signing this agreement you agree to pay for any damages to the boats or equipment or the full price for the replacement of the boats or equipment, if lost or damaged beyond repair.
  8. The hirer understands that Canoe Centre or its employees do not accept responsibility for any loss, damage, or injury suffered by persons and/or their property arising out of, or during the course of activities whilst hiring. Canoe Centre also will not accept any liability for, damage or injury suffered to any person or persons and/or property by your actions, be these said actions accidental or of a deliberate nature.


Canoe Centre confirms that it is covered by public and employers liability insurance; however we offer no insurance cover regarding personal accidents to individuals that may occur during the term of this hire agreement. In your own interest Canoe Centre craft activities involve an element of risk; you are strongly advised to take out insurance cover against accident, emergency rescue, and personal injury, loss of luggage, equipment damage and cancellation.

Canoe Centre reserves the right to refuse or immediately terminate hire. The disclosure of the reason for this action will be entirely at Canoe Centre’s discretion. 

Please note: For security reasons a Credit Card or driving license is required to hire, please ensure you have your card with you at the time of hire

Rentals must be booked & paid for 48hrs in advance of the session