Parmhole Webcam

Want to know what the river conditions are like 24/7 365 days a year?

Log on to our live stream any time of the day or night to view real time levels and see who is out on the water.

While surf and ski cams are in regular use across the world this is the first live stream of it's kind in use on a river in Ireland.

Can't make it to an event? Just log on and check out the action from the comfort of your own couch!

Parmhole Levels

Parmhole is a low water hole which works best when the level is between 50cm and 75cm on th Canoe Centre river gauge. Foe anybody using the older megawatt measurement from the dam at Leixlip th optimum level is anything below a 1MW release.

Between 100cm and 175cm or 2-3MW the hole turns into a wave which can be surfed in all boats. While not retentive enough for the biggest aerial tricks roundhouses and blunts are certainly the order of the day.

Above 175cm, a river wide green wave forms which is absolutely sublime for a guilt-free front surf. As long as you can bear the cold winter air!

Out of Hours Access

Parmhole is accessible via the Canoe Centre during working hours of 9AM to 5PM Monday through Saturday. Unfortunately even we have to go home sometime so if you are looking to to access the feature outside opening hours then you can simply walk through the park adjoining Mill Lane.

Upon entering the park, follow the tarmac path until you reach a eight hand bend near the river bank. Leave the path and follow the short trail through the woods until you reach the river. Parmhole can be found 50m upstream.

If you are parking on the lane please remember this is a residential area so keep noise to a minimum and remember to park your car in a safe and respectful manner.