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Wave Sport Diesel 70, CORE WhiteOut - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.


Point A.  Point B.  And all the points between.  Are you skirting over a jumble of manky rocks to line up for a 15-foot boof? Or maybe you're in the midst of a rapid that reminds you of the Zambezi at flood.  Either way, you need a kayak that deals with any situation Mother Earth throws at you. River running is half white-knuckle big water, half technical and all fun. And it's our job to keep it that way.  So we've given you a boat that is made for the paddler who wants everything...  And then some.

The CORE Play Seat provides the ultimate level of adjustment and fit, making it easy to adjust your seat position on the fly.  Intuitive controls allow 10cm of fore and aft seat adjustment - allowing you to tune your position for that perfect balance on the river.  The hull beam is also welded to the kayak for extra durability and stifness.

Outfitting comprises of the CORE Leg Lifter - providing 7.5cm of elevation, allowing for more efficient energy transfer from the paddler to the kayak.  Multi-part CORE Thigh Braces with removable outer hooks offer unparalleled levels of fit and adjustment, with hip pads and a booster seat pad completing the outfitting package - all covered in our stylish, marine vinyl white pads.

If you want the ultimate level of outfitting, then you have found it in CORE WhiteOut.


Length 244 cm / 8'
Width 65 cm / 25.5"
Deck Height 36 cm / 14.25"
Weight 34 cm / 13.5"
Capacity 54 - 86 kg / 120 - 190 lbs.
Cockpit 85 x 48 cm / 33.5" x 19"
Palm Deck Size Size 5/6
Volume 265 L / 70 gal


  • CORE WhiteOut Outfitting
  • CORE Play Seat – with On-The-Fly Adjustment
  • Welded-In Seat Track
  • CORE Ratchet Leg Lifter Control
  • Ratchet Adjustable Backband
  • Multi-part Adjustable Thigh Braces – with Removable Outer Thigh Hook
  • Multi-Adjustable WhiteOut Hip Pads
  • Bulkhead Foot Brace System – with Foam Padding
  • Security Grab Points
  • Includes – Optional Seat Booster Pad