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Paddlesurf Ranking Comp 2 @ Brandon Bay

Paddlesurf Ranking Comp 2 @ Brandon Bay

The second ranking comp in the Paddlesurf Calendar was held at Stoney Gap in Brandon Bay, Co.Kerry

The promised sunshine gave way at around 11am as the comp was getting underway. But the damp and the wind didn't quell the spirits of the spectators and competitors.

Fat lumpy waves followed by a pounding shoredump was the order of the day.
Longer boats had problems catching waves where shorter more aggressive boats struggled. However shorter boats excelled in the shore dump, where long boats struggled to make the sharp turns.

No matter what the craft, the top riders still put on a great show.

As comps go on in Ireland, the skills on show are getting progressively better.
All riders had to work extremely hard to make it through the heats.

There were many notable performances on the day.

Kieran McDyre showed whats possible in a long boat with big end moves and top class surfing and also tearing it up in the short boat. Kieran can generate speed in his boat so easily. Its great to watch.

Jamie O'Brien proved that the juniors are more than capable of competing with and outsurfing the senior men.

Aisling Griffin took 1st in the ladies, and beat the majority of men also to come 4th in the open class.

Sean and Brigitte Egan proved that after a 10year break from KayakSurf, they can still put the pressure on the regular surfers.

I took first place in Short boat and Waveski myself. But this was most definitely the hardest comp in a long time.

There is great things on the horizon for all competitors, and also a strong Irish Team at the next international event.

Keep an Eye on Paddlesurf Ireland on facebook for more pictures, updates, competitions, team news and more.

And come along, get your kit on, try a surf kayak or waveski.

By Mike Barry

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