Crossover Kayaks

Dagger Axis E 10.5
Unprecedented versatility. A must have for any adventurous paddler. The sleek hull combines rocker and rail edge giving excellent manoeuvrability, with keel and skeg to aid tracking. The accessible cockpit, outfitted for comfort and control includes storage features making the Axis a boat with limitless possibilities. Specifications Length 10' 6"...
Dagger Katana, Action
Multi purpose, multi-day fun The excitement of whitewater, with the freedom to paddle further. The Katana will take on rapids and glide through calm water, with plenty of room in the stern for gear and robust outfitting for everyday use. Features Action Outfitting Fixed Ergonomic Seat Precision Adjustable Thigh Braces Contour...
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Endless adventure … limitless possibilities For the adventurer who is drawn to the excitement of whitewater, but who wants the freedom to paddle further, the Katana will glide through rapids and calm water, with room in the stern for a full compliment of expedition gear. The excitement of whitewater, with...
The ultimate crossover platform with more whitewater performance attributes than other designs in its category. Given a chance, we'd paddle whitewater every day.  But life doesn't always throw us what we want. That's why we've designed the Ethos - to take you from one adrenaline-fueled adventure to the next. Conquer...
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