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The Lowdown on the Lee Fields, Cork City

The Lowdown on the Lee Fields, Cork City

With a bit of rain due recently, I eagerly gathered together all my river gear and was ready to go. Unfortunately however, the rivers never came up.

Rather than let this disappoint me, I grabbed my gear anyway and headed for the local, The Lee Fields in Cork. And it got me thinking how lucky I am with this spot.

Big water or small, there is always something to do.

It's an amazing place to learn and improve your kayaking.

Consisting of two very wide drops, the weir and the sluice, there is a huge amount of different lines that can be run in a big boat, or playspots for some freestyle fun.

They range from simple and easily flushed spots, to quite committing lines and sticky holes.

In high water, the weir is amazing and constantly changing, is it super wide so has a mix of waves and holes. Often, trees get caught in it, changing the features. Adding new playspots for the freestyle boat and new lines for the big boat.

It is a shallow spot at most water levels, but you can still do most freestyle moves.

In low water, it is perfect for beginners to get their first feeling of running down a slide, or practicing their first sidesurfs.

The sluice can be a beast, or an easy but fun rapid. It is tidal and so changes constantly with tide and water level.

In medium water levels at low tide we get what is known as "The Hole of Death", it's not quite as ominous as the name. But only the brave and foolhardy go and play there. Loops, endless cartwheels, Unintendo's and Mystery moves are the order of the day.

At all other levels, it is friendly and a great spot for learning freestyle tricks and trying boof strokes in the creek boat.

There is a few other waves,holes and lines to run here at different water levels also.

All in all,

I love my local, endless fun, easy to get to, so much to do in a small area, and as a bonus, you sometimes get to see amazing wildlife. I've seen Herons, Otters, Mink and even a Seal around the area.

Come visit, its great craic.

Mike Barry

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